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We run a variety of nature based courses designed to support reconnection with the land, inspiring a deeper connection to nature, self and others.

These courses are for those wishing to further their own knowledge and skills in these areas as well as for those who already facilitate groups in nature. All of our courses are taught by passionate nature mentors with a wealth of experience and a love of creating connective, inclusive and inspiring experiences.

We offer three types of courses:


Our short courses are open to anyone looking to deepen their connection to nature and learn reciprocal ways of working in harmony with the earth as our ancestors once did. They provide valuable CDP skills and knowledge to share with your own children or the groups you work with.


Aimed at those already working with children outdoors who wish to join our growing team of facilitators. From an introduction to Children’s Forest, to a deep immersion in the Four Step Journey, our courses offer an experiential connection to our approach alongside the skills and resources needed to equip you on your journey.


At the heart of this project is a vision for communities to gather and tend the new forests and to reconnect with ancestral skills.
These Community days will combine facilitated time learning skills with community tree tending and habitat creation. They will take place at some of our local Children’s Forests in East Sussex.

Upcoming Courses

June 10-11th 2023

Tending a Children's Forest: 2-day Camp

Standard fee: £350, Supporters fee. (Contact us for Supported concessionary fee): £450

This weekend course explores ecological knowledge and practices to tend young forests with children and their communities. We will journey together to discover our beneficial role in the natural world as caretakers and guardians.

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June 24th 2023, 10 - 2pm

Summer Solstice Community Celebration

Adults £20, children free

A day to celebrate the Summer Solstice with all the family. There will be solstice inspired games, songs, crafts and nature connection for adults and accompanied children. We will visit a beautiful summer meadow and celebrating our relationship with nature as a community.

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July 9th 2023, 10-2pm

Summer Medicine Making & Tree Tending Community day

Adults £20, children free

Join us for a morning of gathering and crafting medicines from the forest, hedgerows and meadows, followed by an afternoon tending the trees and ecosystems of the Children’s Forest. Adults and accompanied children are welcome.

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July 23rd 2023, 10-2pm

Summer Crafts & Tree Tending Community day

Adults £20, children free

A morning of gathering materials from the forest, hedgerows and meadows for a number of summer crafts, followed by an afternoon tending the trees and ecosystems of the Children's Forest. A time to connect with nature as a community.

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September 9-10th 2023, 10-4pm

Foraging & Reciprocity: 2-day workshop

Standard fee: £75, Supporters fee: £100 (contact us for Supported concessionary fee)

On this two day course, we will walk the land and gather the wild berries, fruits, nuts and seeds gifted by nature in this season.  We will explore the ancestral uses of important tree foods, their medicinal benefits and how this active participation in the cycles of nature offers us the opportunity to be part of a reciprocal relationship.  We will learn how to gather from the plants with respect and honouring, though practical consideration and care, song and story.  You will learn to prepare and cook this harvest on the fire and how to sort and store seeds for planting. 

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September 23rd 2023, 10-2pm

Autumn Equinox Community Celebration

Adults £20, children free

We will gather together at the Autumn Equinox to celebrate the land and the bounty of the years harvest. Wandering together we will learn about tree and plant lore as we gather wild berries and nuts, celebrating the gifts they provide through song and story. Bringing together home grown vegetables from the Spring Rise garden with the wild food we have foraged, we will cook stew on the fire as we craft.

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Oct 5-8th 2023

Three day Facilitator Training Course

Standard rate: £475, Supporters rate: £550 (contact us for Supported rate)

The Children’s Forest Facilitator course is an immersive 3-day camp that aims to provide participants with a deep nature immersion experience in a beautiful Sussex woodland while experiencing the four step journey of the Children’s Forest. Our aim is to create a heart centred learning experience that will inspire you to create your own tree planting projects through nature connection practice, practical knowledge and indigenous wisdom.

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October 21-22nd 2023, 10-4pm

Forests From Seed: 2-day workshop

Standard fee: £75, Supporter fee: £100, Contact us for Supported / concessionary fee.

Located at our small tree nursery, participants will learn how to set up their own, for a school, forest school, community or even in their garden. We will learn how to respectfully forage, process and germinate tree seeds and also to use the fruits and nuts for food and medicine. We will look at different ways of treating various kinds of seed in order to germinate and grow them into saplings and how to tend the growing trees for optimal health of future forest plantings.

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October 28th 2023, 10-4pm

Acorn Processing Teaching day

£50 - £80 (sliding scale)

On this day we will walk the land and meet several oak trees and learn traditional methods of harvesting and processing fresh and dried acorns as our ancestors once did. We will share stories and tree lore and learn some of the gifts of food and medicine that the oak tree offers. As a group we will learn how to process acorn flour, among other acorn foods, using traditional methods and will be able to share this with friends and families or children that you work with.

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November 19th 2023, 10-2pm

Acorn Community Celebration & Tree Tending day

Adults £20, children free

Join us to celebrate the mighty acorn as we gather acorns together and learn the basics of the ancient technique of making acorn into food. We will also sing songs, play nature games and tend some trees in connection with the Children's Forest at Pickeridge Farm.

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