Children & Community

Children & Community

We would love you to get involved

Children’s Forests are planted by groups of children and their communities led by trained nature educators.

This could be a school group, home education group or a community group. The projects are most successful when initiated and supported by you, local people who are invested in the land, children and community.

There are three essential components to creating a Children’s Forest, see below:

A Children’s Forest needs:

What you can do


If you are in a position to approach your local parish council or local landowners and introduce Children’s Forest, this is an excellent way to begin seeding a forest. Once there is a landowner who is keen to host a project, we can work together to fit the other pieces into place.


You can begin a conversation with your child’s headteacher and introduce them to Children’s Forest. Here is a Schools Document to share more information about what we do and the positive impact of a Children’s Forest planting project. You could speak to them about the value of nature connection, the issue of climate anxiety, and the benefit to children in taking positive action to create a healthy future. 

We are encouraging schools and educational groups to establish their own tree nursery and are developing a Forest From Seed resource pack to support you in doing this.

Forest School:

If your child has a Forest School Facilitator, you can speak to them about Children’s Forest. If they are interested in expanding their skill set and training, they could facilitate a Children’s Forest planting and tending in your local area. 

We have a core team of facilitators who can travel to facilitate the planting of a Children’s Forest in your community if you don’t have a local Forest School Facilitator.

Attend a Community Tending Day

We hold regular Community Days at some of our Children’s Forests where the children and their communities gather to tend the trees, support habitat creation and nourish their connections with one another through seasonal crafting, foraging, storytelling and much more.

You are welcome to join us!

Volunteer at our tree nursery

We hold regular tending days at our local Children’s Forest Tree Nursery. We gather to tend the land, working with seasonal tasks to support the growing trees. We share soup, tea and songs around the Children’s Fire and nourish the connections in our local community. You are very welcome to join us for a Community Tree Nursery day.

“It was the best day of my life, ever. I loved planting my tree and can’t wait to come back and see it grow big.”

~ Luke (age 5)


All our resources are free to download and use to support you on your journey to planting a Children’s Forest. Visit our resources page and please check back in regularly as we grow this resource.


As well as planting trees, we are growing songs! – link to soundcloud

Sing these songs to the trees and plants with your family or groups you work with


Learn nature inspired activities to share with your families and educational groups. Produced in collaboration with Red Squirrel Resources.