Blackham Farm

Location: Blackham, East Sussex

Use of land: Private land used for educational projects

First planted: March 2023

Species of trees: Hazel, Oak, Elder, Alder, Hawthorn, Birch, Rowan, Willow, Small leaf lime, Walnut, Wild apple, Pine

About the project:

The Children’s Forest was planted by 17 local children. The family who live on the land have been involved with Children’s Forest from the beginning and deeply align with our vision. Two of the members trained as Children’s Forest facilitators to enable the project and are deeply passionate about caring for their land and giving hope for future generations by planting trees. 

From the Landowners:

We absolutely love being part of the Children’s Forest. The team are extremely knowledgeable and their love of the land and the trees is a privilege to behold. We have planted on family land and the children have been deepening their connection to this space and the ancient woodland it borders for many months and couldn’t wait for our Children’s Forest project days. The children sang to their trees, blessed them and danced around them with such joy, it was truly magical. We have had many messages from parents who have said their children have come home on a complete high after the two days and wanted to tell them all about the trees they had planted, the songs they had sung to bless the trees and their wishes they had planted with the first tree. The community days provide a meaningful experience to foster deep connection between the human families as well as give the best chance for all species who are making a home here. 

We have been privileged to be involved in the Children’s Forest since its early days, volunteering at the Forest from Seed project and with familial links to the first ever Children’s Forest. We trained as Children’s Forest Facilitators in August 2022, which was an incredibly educational, fulfilling and heartfelt training, inspiring us to dream up our own Children’s Forest project. This became a reality in March this year and the land, the children and the Guardians are all deeply grateful for the magic it has brought. The children have absolutely loved being part of this incredible initiative and will be fortunate enough to visit the trees every week as part of their Forest School. The intentional planting and tending will allow them to form reciprocal relationships with this forest that we have grown from seed. Our parents are the Land Guardians and feel that there is nothing more important and sacred than caring for our land and giving hope for future generations by planting trees. 


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