Land owners

Land Owners

Are you a landowner looking for ways to engage the community and support future generations?

Children’s Forest provides an opportunity to:

  • Support environmental restoration and habitat creation
  • Engage with the local community and support access to nature
  • Plant trees to benefit future generations

Our growing community

There are now 13 Children’s Forests planted around the UK, with more projects being seeded.

Click on the interactive map to see our existing Children’s Forest and to read the reports about the planting projects.

What does a Children’s Forest need

  • Three appointed guardians to ensure the ongoing well being of the Children’s Forest
  • Access to a planting site
  • Access to an existing woodland
  • Funding, see FAQ’s below for more information

Our commitment

  • Children’s Forest provides eco restoration through tree planting and on-going tending. Working towards cultural restoration of our relationship with the environment.
  • Children’s Forest Facilitators organise and deliver the planting days and risk assess the site.
  • Children’s Forest facilitators hold full responsibility for the children and communities while visiting the land, having full insurance, DBS, first aid and safe guarding training.

Your commitment

  • An honourable pledge as a Land Guardian to protect the Children’s Forest on your land into the future.
  • Provide access to the children for regular appointed and facilitated tending days, approximately x4 per year after the initial planting.
  • We are happy to talk to you and share more practical information about hosting a Children’s Forest.

“I’m really lucky as a landowner to have an opportunity to care..

…to give something back and also to give to the future. It’s so much more than just planting trees, with the educational element, the children really understand the importance of maintaining and being in relationship with the woodland is such a wider vision for bringing this land back into balance.”

~ Lulu Guinness (land owner)

Frequently Asked Questions

You retain ownership of the land. All we ask is that you provide access to the children, team and community for planting and tending.  Typically this is 4 days per year once the trees have been planted.

When you register your interest with us, one of our team will contact you for an initial chat, to answer any questions you may have, and discuss potential schools and community groups who may wish to be involved in creating a Children’s Forest on your land.

Planting and tending events will be planned in advance with your approval. If there is a public right of way through your the Children's Forest area, you may wish to extend access year round.

The Land Guardian does not necessarily need be the owner, but should be someone closely connected to the land. We ask that you as landowner together with the land guardian, commit to providing continued access to the Children’s Forest in the coming years. We also ask that if there should be a time that the land changes ownership, that this responsibility is passed on with best intention.

We ask that in the event of extreme weather such as drought you are able to be responsible for organising care for the trees if no-one else is available to do this.

No, At all times the children will be accompanied by a Children’s Forest facilitator, who is trained, insured and responsible for the children’s wellbeing.

The site will be risk assessed before we bring a group of children.

Children’s Forest Facilitators are responsible for holding full insurance which covers the groups they are working with.

All Children’s Facilitators hold up to date CRB checks.

We are happy to support funding applications where necessary and discuss fundraising ideas. Community fundraising events are an excellent way to secure funds and enthuse your local community.

Our planting projects so far have been funded by the four following streams:

  1. Private landowners funding the Children’s Forest on their land
  2. Philanthropic donation
  3. Carbon offsetting from local businesses
  4. Government grant funding

An initial planting costs between £3500 and £5000. The cost is higher than many tree planting projects because our focus is on the children experiencing nature connection (learn more about our Four Step Journey) before, during and after planting the trees through facilitation by fully qualified nature mentors / Forest School leaders. The cost of the ongoing tending is variable.

You will need to ensure access to water as the trees need to be watered during their first 5 years. Fencing may be needed if there is livestock and parking access will be required. A land survey is required to ensure that the land is suitable. Please learn more here.


The trees are planted with stakes and tree guards to protect them as they grow. We mulch the trees to keep grass down and moisture in the ground in case of hot dry summers. They will be tended during the community days to ensure they have the best chance to grow well. If there are deer on the land we will work together to protect the trees. The trees that do not survive will be replaced.

Get started

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