Sacred Earth

Location: Horam, East Sussex

Use of land: Private land used for the community projects held by the Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society.

First planted: Autumn 2021

Species of trees: Hawthorn, Goat Willow, Oak, Hazel, Birch, Rowan, Beech, Wild Cherry, Elder, Small leaf lime, Damson.

About the project:  The first planting took place in November 2021 with a second extension taking place in November 2022 with children from Annan Small school. The children returned every term to tend the trees and have fun in the woods.

From the Landowner: “As Children’s Forest Project site and land guardian, tending the bigger space of 40 acres at Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society is a constant endeavour. It sometimes feels like I am part human, part Ent, or tree shepherd, so I am enjoying the presence of a new development part to our environment here.
So far, my highlights have been the kestrel hovering over us when we completed the last day planting, and observing the young ones singing to our heart and hearth tree, a Hawthorn in the centre of our site.
One other aspect that we are doing to support the area around the Children’s Forest is in partnership with Newt Conservation organisation, who have offered to build some newt ponds. Also, in a small neighbouring field we are planting a new community orchard space. So its’ all go! All of this will add increased nature value for all, both human and non-human.’ ~ Phil Greenwood

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