Children’s Forest brings together communities, landowners and nature connection facilitators, to inspire and enable children to plant and tend healthy forests for future generations.

We would love to plant forests with you!

The planting of a Children’s Forest needs three ingredients;

1 a protected piece of land, 2 a group of children, 3 a Children’s Forest facilitator, as well as a commitment to tend this forest into the future.

    If you are a landowner, facilitator or looking for ways to be involved with your child and community, click the relevant portal below to find out how to get involved.

    Land owner

    If you own land and would like to invest in a bright future by hosting a Children’s Forest in your land, find out how we could work together.


    If you work with children outdoors and would like to join our growing team of facilitators, find out how to train with us and start your own projects.

    Children & Community

    If you, your children or your school would like to get involved in Children’s Forest, find out how to initiate a project in your area.

    “As a parent I could not imagine a more inspiring, purposeful and connective space than this little plot of hope where the Children’s Forest lives.” ~ Katie

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