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Be part of the solution and help us to create a healthy future that supports all life.

We operate as a non profit making organisation. We rely on grant funding and donations to enable us to plant and tend trees and communities.
Supporting Children’s Forest will help enable our mission to plant trees in the earth and hope in hearts.

Make a one-off, or regular monthly or annual donation.

We rely solely on donations and grants to be able to do our work, and in order to carry on we would love your help.

Regular donations support our forward planing and running costs.

  • £5 funds a sapling in our tree nursery
  • £10 plants a tree
  • £25 supports a child’s nature connection journey
  • £50 plants a grove of trees

Planting trees with Children’s Forest is so much more than just tree planting! Our priority is the long term health of not only the forests and their wildlife, but the wellbeing of young people and their communities.

We facilitate connective tree planting experiences which support positive mental health and empower young people to imagine a positive future and take action to create it.

How to support


Your support will help us to plant and tend forests and community engagement. Our work would not be possible without the generous support we receive to create a brighter future, together.


Are you are a business looking to support through carbon offsetting? We are partnered with C Level. You can support us through their Wild Aligned project.


Are you a landowner looking for opportunities to involve the community and support future generations?


We depend upon community ambassadors to spread our message along with seeds of hope. Let people know about our work and aspirations, encouraging landowners, schools and community groups to get involved.

Contribute towards climate positivity today and help the planet regenerate.

Your contribution will help to:

  • Plant and protect forests into the future.
  • Provide eco-restoration & biodiversity.
  • Give children deep and lasting experience of nature connection.
  • Bring communities together across the generations.

We believe that as well as trees, we also need to plant connection and care with the children who will steward the future.

For this reason we spend more money per tree than other tree planting organisations. As we plant and tend the trees together we also facilitate nature connection, community regeneration and create the conditions for a long term vision of hope.

Other ways you can help

If you would like to support us but are not able to donate, there are many other ways in which you can help.

  • Spread the word – let people know about our work and aspirations.
  • Be an advocate, encouraging landowners, schools and community groups to get involved.
  • Become a guardian, catalysing or supporting a project with our help and support.
  • Support us when carbon off-setting with our partner C-Level.
  • Participate in our community courses and events.
  • Start your own Tree Nursery to grow trees from seed to plant in a Children’s Forest.

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.

~ David Attenborough

With gratitude to our recent supporters

Every contribution, however big or small, will help us continue our work.