Colin Godmans Farm

Location: Furner’s Green, East Sussex

Use of land: Private farmland

First planted: April 2022

Species of trees: Oak, Cherry, Willow, Field maple, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Hawthorn, Apple, Elder, Ash, Pine, Holly

About the project: The first planting took place in April 2021 and involved children from a local home educational group. This land has hosted many tending days throughout the year along with our Children’s Forest Facilitator course.

From the Landowner: “It was such a pleasure watching the children planting the trees. Their concentration, sense of purpose and curiosity deeply moved me. This is a project close to our hearts, as over the 20 years we have been here, we have seen trees fall – some in storms, some just through age. Bringing this young energy of regeneration fills us with hope for the future. Seeing young bodies, hearts and minds engaged in the stewardship of land was a delight.
It feels particularly critical at this time that young people have a chance to connect and interact with our natural world and it brings us joy that we are able to help facilitate this.” ~ Isabel Manweiler,

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