Hackhurst Farm

Location: Hailsham, East Sussex

Use of land: Working farm and also a retreat and events venue for alternative healthcare  

First planted: November 2021

Species of trees:  Hawthorn, Goat Willow, Oak. Silver Birch, Rowan, Beech, Elder, Linden, Hazel, Dog Rose, Blackthorn, Alder, Wild Apple, Wild Cherry

About the project:

The Children’s Forest was the first project to take place when the landowners arrived on the farm. This was the first Community Children’s Forest initiative where the four step journey has been shared with family groups. There have been many tending days and extensions on this planting in every planting season. 

The second Children’s Forest was planted Autumn 2022 by the Monthly Mentoring groups of children aged 4-18. These groups of children are part of Cultivating Curiosity, a nature connection mentoring programme.

From the Landowner:

“We were drawn to Children’s Forest through a love for trees and the urge to plant them with community, with intention, and whilst supporting and giving hope to this generation of children and to many generations to come. This was the first project we started when coming to Hackhurst farm and it’s been profound in how it’s helped bring us into connection with this beautiful land. It’s been such a joy witnessing the children delight in the planting and the tending, and particularly to hear the prayers they offer into the fire and their growing awareness of what it means to think intergenerationally and for the good of all species.” ~ Rebecca

Contacts: [email protected] 

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