Tree Lore workshop (for adults)

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Adults £50-£80

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About the course

Join us to explore the wisdom of trees as passed down from our Celtic ancestors. Learn tree folklore, songs & stories as we wander the land meeting native trees, celebrating their medicine, mythology and gifts.  

We will explore meditative and creative tree-connection practices such as intuitive writing and drawing, which helps to deepen relationship with nature. You will learn techniques to become a channel of communication with the natural world, to receive the wisdom freely available to us when we still our minds and become really present to the whispers of the wild.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is suitable for adults of all levels of experience.

The course will cover

  • Learn tree lore from a variety of native trees
  • Learn about the medicinal & culinary gifts our trees offer
  • Tree inspired song and story
  • Create an opportunity to engage more with local community

About the tutors

Anna Richardson: Anna has been a nature mentor and trained forest school leader for over 20 years, working with children of all ages and mentoring adults in plant lore, foraging, nature connection and bushcraft. The 8 Shields deeply informs Anna’s work and approach.  She is passionate about connecting to nature through creativity and reverence for life and is also a forest school trainer through Circle of Life Rediscovery and has co-authored two books : Learning with Nature and The Children’s Forest and am the founder of the Children’s Forest.

Yannick Dubois: Yannick works as a shamanic artist and workshop leader, with a special focus on Tree Wisdom. Trained as a social worker and kindergarten educator, he weaves elements of psychology, creative practices, modern Druidry and storytelling into his unique offerings. More information about his work can be found at


Upcoming courses

October 30 - December 4 2023, 4-5.30pm

Forest From Seed 'Greet the Trees' Autumn term offering (for community)

Adults £48, children free (for 6 week block) or £8.50 drop-in per family

During this 6-week block we will meet a new native tree each week, close to the tree nursery. We will learn the song of the tree together and gather in gratitude for the fruits and seeds. We will process the tree seeds to prepare them for germination after their winter sleep and enjoy together a story and tea around the fire.

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December 17th 2023, 10-2pm

Winter Community Celebration

Adults £50, children free (see booking link in details below)

Come & celebrate the trees together with us this Winter Solstice at Spring Rise. Fun & crafts for all the family. There will be singing & storytelling around a hearty fire, and tree based crafts galore. Make Christmas tree decorations, wreaths, healing tree salves for gifts and more. Learn how to plant holly seeds which will one day be planted out in the Children's Forests. You will also receive a gorgeous Hawthorn book and Winter Solstice print by Lucinda Warner on the day.

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May 23-26th 2024

Three day Facilitator Training Course

Standard rate: £475, supporters rate: £550 (contact us for supported rate)

The Children’s Forest Facilitator course is an immersive 3-day camp that aims to provide participants with a deep nature immersion experience in a beautiful Sussex woodland while experiencing the four step journey of the Children’s Forest. Our aim is to create a heart centred learning experience that will inspire you to create your own tree planting projects through nature connection practice, practical knowledge and indigenous wisdom.

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