Acorn Processing Workshop (for adults)

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£40 - £80 (sliding scale). Standard fee: £60 Supporters fee: £80 Supported fee: £40

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About the course

On this day we will walk the land and meet several oak trees and learn traditional methods of harvesting and processing fresh and dried acorns as our ancestors once did. We will share stories and tree lore and learn some of the gifts of food and medicine that the oak tree offers. As a group we will learn how to process acorn flour, among other acorn foods, using traditional methods and will be able to share this with friends and families or children that you work with.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This workshop is for adults and will support those working with children in outdoor education such as Forest School facilitators.

The course will cover

  • Learn how to process acorns into flour using traditional and modern methods.
  • Learn different leaching methods and how to turn flour, meal, and whole pieces into a variety of delicious foods.
  • Explore why acorns are important as a food source and learn about the nutrients contained in them.
  • Learn about the history of Oaks and acorns as well as what they offer today.
  • Learn songs, stories and games dedicated to the oak. We will share lyrics and provide bare bones of the stories so that you will be able to go home and share with your family, friends and those you work with.
  • Explore the old names and gifts of the oak tree as we share food that they provide and touch upon their medicinal uses.
  • An opportunity to create nourishing connection with others, to honour and celebrate the trees, engage with simple ceremony and have time to slow down and listen to the land.
  • Forest School facilitators and nature educators will learn song, games and story that will help children to have a deeper connection to the trees. This is an important aspect of the Children’s Forest approach.


£40 – £80 (sliding scale)

  • Standard fee: £75
  • Supporters fee: £80
  • Supported fee: £40
  • Contact us if you wish to pay a different amount, see below.

Please pay at the level comfortable to you. We support paying it forward – when you pay more as a supporter, it will directly facilitate someone else to attend via the supported (concessionary) rate. And all additional income will directly help with the planting of Children’s Forests, contributing towards a bright future for all. 

If you wish to pay a different amount, please contact Ellie to discuss an affordable option for you. If finances are a barrier, we are open to trades and exchanges: email: [email protected]

About the tutors

Ellie Fuller: Ellie is an experienced nature mentor and wilderness skills facilitator. Her passion is supporting children and young people especially to connect with the natural world in reciprocal, fun and adventurous ways. The vision of Children’s Forest and her own are deeply aligned, and she loves her role as a Children’s Forest Facilitator.

Owen Owen is an experienced nature mentor, craftsperson and loves nothing more than gathering large quantities of acorns, chestnurts, hickories and butternuts. He has a passion for growing nut trees and edible forests as well as harvesting and processing nuts to feed his community. He has been experimenting with acorn leaching and eating since he was 12, and is recently most excited about making nut oil.


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