Our Mission

The Children’s Forest aims to:

  • Support the creation of a healthy future for the children of all species.

  • Realise our imagination holds the key to what we create in the world.

  • Remember our place within the family of Nature.

  • Develop our human gift of tending the natural world.

  • Bring about eco-restoration through the planting and tending of healthy trees and all the species they support.


Children of all species: to make every decision and every action for the benefit of the children of all species, now and to come.

Eco-restoration: to restore the health and richness of the biodiversity of the land.

Regenerative culture: to strive to be in a balanced and healthy relationship with all other species and the earth.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of people, bringing together many skills and professions.  This diversity ensures that the needs of children and of Nature are carefully considered to take the Children’s Forest forward in the best way possible.

Our team includes Forest School facilitators and trainers, nature mentors, educators, arborists, permaculture specialists, artists, designers, musicians, authors, lawyers, a celebrant and an anthropologist.

The vision for this movement has grown through the joyful participation in forest schools with many children over many years. The Children’s Forest project has arisen through this work to meet a need recognised within the forest school movement: to bring back the gift of reciprocity with Nature.

Members of the team have co-authored the following books: The Children’s Forest book, published by Hawthorn Press in 2019 and Learning with Nature, published by Green Books in 2015.

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