Guardians of Children’s Forests

A ‘trivet’ of guardians forms the ground on which a Children’s Forest can grow.

The combined skills, resources and experience of three guardians combine to support the flourishing of the Children’s Forest – now and into the future.

We ask each guardian to make a pledge to fulfil the vision of the Children’s Forest, and we are here to support you. We understand that circumstances change, but we ask that each guardian commits to finding a replacement if they need to step out of the role.

Nature connection guardian

  • Trained to work with children and communities in nature connection and woodlands
  • Participated in a Children’s Forest training

Community guardian

  • Connected to local schools and the wider community
  • Desire to bring people together to celebrate and tend to our connection with nature

Land guardian

  • Committed to providing land for seven generations
  • Welcoming children and community groups to use the land
  • Partnering with local ecologists to select tree species and commission surveys