Tending Course weekend (Stage 3 of the Facilitator training course)

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£350 (standard) – £500 (supporters)

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About the course

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is for those who have completed our Facilitator training course and attended a Children’s Forest planting. It will complete your Children’s Forest training and enable you to organise, plant & tend Children’s Forests for your local community and to work as a Children’s Forest facilitator for other projects.

The course will cover

  • An opportunity to expand your tools and deepen your practice in nature with children.
  • Learn practical aspects of tending young trees and caring for a young forest into the future.
  • How to create habitats for wildlife to enhance biodiversity; surveying the site and reporting with advice from ecologists.
  • How to support connection in children and communities and develop a growing community around your Children’s Forest through the creation of community learning and celebration opportunities.
  • An exploration of our role as caretakers – reconnecting us with the positive part humans can play in the health of our ecosystem.

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About the tutors

Anna Richardson: Anna has been a nature mentor and trained forest school leader for over 20 years, working with children of all ages and mentoring adults in plant lore, foraging, nature connection and bushcraft. The 8 Shields deeply informs Anna’s work and approach.  She is passionate about connecting to nature through creativity and reverence for life and is also a forest school trainer through Circle of Life Rediscovery and has co-authored two books : Learning with Nature and The Children’s Forest and am the founder of the Children’s Forest.

Pippa James: Pippa has 25 years experience of working with land, designing and making ecological gardens. She has taught Permaculture for over 20 years and has been passionate about inspiring people to develop their own connection to a piece of land to grow food for families and communities. She has created the first Children’s Forest tree nursery, facilitating children to grow native trees from local seed, for planting Children’s Forests. 


Upcoming courses

April 22 - July 1 2024, 4-6pm

'Greet the Trees' Summer term (for community)

£10 drop-in per family, or Adults £35 for 4 week block (children free)

Join us for these weekly sessions on Monday afternoons to greet some of the trees we met in the autumn in their Spring and Summer finery. With games, songs, stories, crafts and food we will experience the gifts of the trees and tend the tiny seedlings growing from seeds gathered and sown in the autumn.

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April 27th 2024, 10-2pm

Tree Nursery Community Volunteer day


Join us to tend the tree nursery and learn about growing trees. These are volunteer work days for individuals and families where we will tend the young trees growing in our tree nursery. Work includes watering, weeding, pricking out seedlings, sowing tree seeds and more depending on the time of year. You’ll learn some aspects of growing and caring for young native trees at each session.

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April 28th 2024, 10-3pm

Beltane Fire Making & Tree Tending (for families)

Adults £25 per person, children by donation.

Join us for a family fire making and tree tending day. We will explore ancient fire making techniques, plant trees and tend the childrens forest together. Enjoy fireside community connection through song, games and nature connection.

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