Stage 1: Children’s Forest Facilitator Training

Over three days you will be guided through the four step journey of Experiencing, Imagining, Planting and Tending a Children’s Forest program. Our aim is to support you to engage children as co-creators of their world.

As a group we will journey through the four step journey, experiencing each step as would children whilst planting a Children’s Forest.  We will discuss and reflect upon each step, engaging with the philosophy as well as the practicalities of planting a Children’s Forest.

During the three days we will experience games, music, song and storytelling. The culture of Children’s Forest is informed, amongst other practices, by the 8-Shields model, which is inspired by the living elements of indigenous practice as shared by Jon Young.

In the evenings we will gather together with the fire as a community and share song, story and connective moments. Throughout the course we will enjoy three meals a day of delicious food.  Please see the photos below from last years training for a flavour the course.